The following workers’ compensation and injury management forms and templates are available to employers.

Injury management & return to work
  • Template Return to Work Program (Word – 108kb) This template will assist employers to devise an appropriate Return to Work Program collaboratively with the injured worker.
  • Workplace Rehabilitation Referral Form (Word – 99kb) This referral form can be used to refer an injured worker for workplace rehabilitation services. Workplace rehabilitation providers can assist injured workers to return to work in a timely and appropriate fashion.
Noise induced hearing loss
General forms for employers
Dispute resolution forms
Particular forms are required throughout the dispute resolution process.


Forms required for the Workers’ Compensation Conciliation Service are available from the Conciliation rules and forms page.


Forms required for the Workers’ Compensation Arbitration Service are available from the Arbitration rules and forms page.

General forms

Regulated forms, and guides for completing them, are available on the Regulated forms page.