WorkCover WA is responsible for regulating and administering the workers’ compensation scheme on behalf of the government and community of Western Australia. Our purpose is to lead a contemporary, sustainable and integrated workers’ compensation scheme that is fair, accessible and affordable for all. Our goals are built around leadership, strategic scheme management, and building an agile and innovative organisation.

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Why work with us?

Silver Healthy Workplace stamp

We pride ourselves on fostering an exciting, inclusive, friendly and safe workplace for our employees. We recognise that our people have different needs and support them to create a healthy balance between their work and personal lives.

We are committed to helping our people achieve their career goals by providing them with a variety of professional development opportunities.

Some of the benefits our employees enjoy are:

  • Health and wellness program
  • A variety of professional development opportunities
  • Free access to our on-site fully equipped gym and facilities
  • Parking at our offices in Shenton Park
  • Close to public transport (a 10 minute walk from Shenton Park train station)
  • Salary packaging & superannuation
  • Counselling access (personal and work related) for staff and family
  • Parental leave – 14 weeks paid and up to 38 weeks unpaid
  • Four weeks (20 days) annual leave for each year of service
  • Long service leave entitlements after seven continuing years of service

You will be part of a supportive workplace that fosters open communication, inclusion and continuous improvement. We seek to build a culture of innovation by providing opportunities to raise and share ideas, increase efficiency and improve performance making a difference to our staff and community. Our Charity Committee organises the Workplace Giving Program as well as fundraising events throughout the year to support local and national causes.

Salary Provision

WorkCover WA staff are employed under the provisions of the Public Sector CSA Agreement 2021 and the Public Service Award 1992. Salaries and general conditions of employment are detailed in the Public Sector CSA Agreement 2021 and Public Service Award 1992.

Making a difference

In joining our team at WorkCover WA, you will be helping to make a difference.

As the Agency is responsible for overseeing and regulating the workers’ compensation and injury management scheme, you will become part of a team that helps support what is a very important social safety net in our community.

Our commitment to inclusion and diversity

We are committed to the development of a workplace that embraces equity and diversity, in which all people are treated with fairness, dignity and respect. Our commitment to these principles are confirmed in our Disability Access and Inclusion Plan, Reconciliation Strategy, Youth Action Plan and Multicultural Plan.

WorkCover WA is committed to maintaining high standards of occupational safety and health for all employees, contractors and visitors. WorkCover WA’s goal is to have a workplace that is free from hazards and work-related injuries. WorkCover WA’s commitment to these principles is confirmed in our Occupational Safety and Health Policy.

Meet some of our team

Chris Jenkins sitting at his desk

Chris Jenkins, Analyst Programmer

With a background in computer science and a passion for problem solving, Chris has thrived in his role as an Analyst Programmer for the last eight years.

His job is primarily focused on maintaining and writing software used by WorkCover WA staff and stakeholders. Chris maintains the Agency’s software by fixing any bugs or problems that arise. Chris finds the biggest challenge in his job is predicting how other people are going to use and interpret the software his team develops. However, Chris loves this problem-solving aspect of his role – the challenge of thinking laterally and coming to a solution.

Brett smiling towards the camera

Brett Rothwell, Registry Coordinator

Brett has been working in WorkCover WA’s Registry branch since 2005. Having started at the commencement of the former Dispute Resolution Directorate (DRD), he is now the Registration Coordinator in Conciliation and Arbitration Services (CAS) and oversees the acceptance of dispute applications, the registration of settlements and the processing of common law matters.

A regular day for Brett involves coordinating and monitoring the Registry team’s workload and assessing dispute applications and settlements to ensure compliance with the legislative requirements. Brett was recently part of a team involved in the successful implementation of the Conciliation Service module of WorkCover WA Online and continues to enjoy working on similar projects as more CAS functions are brought online.

Brett feels fortunate to be working with an incredible team who are dedicated to providing a quality and efficient service to external and internal stakeholders alike.

Chelsea Edwards, Digital Communications Officer

With a background in graphic design, communications and photography, Chelsea works in the Regulatory Services Division as our Digital Communications Officer.

Working alongside the Communications and Education team, Chelsea’s role involves creating engaging digital content for the Agency’s digital platforms including the corporate website and social media accounts. Chelsea’s high quality digital products are used to inform and educate stakeholders on their rights, entitlements and obligations regarding the workers’ compensation and injury management scheme.

Chelsea loves the challenge of managing multiple complex projects as well as projects that require a collaborative effort from other divisions.

For Chelsea, the best thing about working at WorkCover WA is the diversity of the role, and she feels grateful to work in a supportive team that encourages professional development.

Craig sitting at his desk

Craig Donohue, Policy and Research Officer

Craig was WorkCover WA’s 2016 Graduate and has a degree in Law with a background in workers’ compensation. On completion of the Graduate Program, Craig was appointed as a Policy and Research Officer. Craig’s typical day consists of researching and writing recommendations for issues that arise across the Agency.

The work as a Policy & Research Officer can be very complex and challenging at times, but Craig finds the diverse and demanding nature of the job to be beneficial and rewarding. He is always learning and able to utilise his skills in law and workers’ compensation.

For Craig, the best thing about working at WorkCover WA is the people he gets to work with every day and the opportunities the Agency provides for further development and training.

Josh sitting at his desk

Joshua White, A/Human Resources Manager

Josh works in the Human Resources team as a Human Resources Consultant. Josh completed a tertiary qualification in Commerce with a major in Human Resource Management in 2010. Since then, he has worked at a variety of state government organisations in the fields of Industrial Relations and Human Resources.

Josh’s role encompasses a wide range of duties including recruitment, position classification, policy and procedure development, occupational safety and health, equity and diversity and employee health and wellness.

Josh enjoys the variety his role brings and his constant interaction with staff across the agency. Josh’s role presents him with opportunities to provide advice and assistance to staff which he finds rewarding.

Daniel answering a call at his desk

Daniel McBride, Advice and Assistance Officer

Daniel has been at WorkCover WA for 26 years and has extensive knowledge about workers’ compensation, injury management, compliance and dispute resolution.

Every day, Daniel provides advice and assistance to the various individuals and institutions involved in the claim processes following a work related injury, including injured workers, medical practitioners, lawyers, employers and workplace rehabilitation providers. Although being the first point of contact can at times be challenging, Daniel is passionate about helping others and finds that WorkCover WA is a unique workplace that emphasises the value of providing a service to those in need.

In addition to his role, Daniel is also involved in organising and executing seminars, presentations and events. He is grateful for the specific training and personal development that WorkCover WA has provided to assist his career progression.

Shelley Curtis, Coordinator Executive Support

Shelley has worked at WorkCover WA since 2010. Shelley manages a small team who provide secretarial support to the CEO, WorkCover WA Board, Corporate Executive and other internal committees.

A regular day for Shelley involves coordinating the workload of the CEO, managing his diary and appointments and ensuring he has the agenda papers for his meetings. She finds the biggest challenge in her job is managing everyone’s conflicting priorities at the same time. Shelley enjoys this challenge and likes that each day is different.

Job opportunities

Advertised Vacancies

All advertised vacancies are listed on the Jobs WA website.


WorkCover WA is committed to the professional and personal development of young people who are eager to commence their career in the public sector.

WorkCover WA is also committed to maintaining, and where possible increasing, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ representation in the workforce.

The Traineeship Program is a 12-month employment-based training program for people under 25 years of age, who wish to learn a range of skills and competencies and prepare themselves for a career in Government. Trainees can expect to be taught about ethical decision making, legislation in the WA public sector and workplace safety, as well as working effectively within a public sector agency and contributing to team activities.

Applications for WorkCover WA’s Traineeship Program are usually conducted through the Public Sector Commission’s process.

Current Trainee Profile

Alina-Che Roberts

Alina smiling at the camera

Alina-Che joined WorkCover WA’s traineeship program in May 2021. She completed Year 10 of high school but was looking for a real-world experience in the workplace.

Some of her highlights of the program include finding her way into the workforce and gaining independence. During her time at WorkCover WA, she has developed her public speaking skills, enhanced her writing capabilities and gained a greater understanding of the inner workings of working in the public sector.

Alina-Che would recommend applying for the traineeship program at WorkCover WA if you are a young individual looking to begin your professional career, as it has opened the door to many opportunities for development into the future.

Graduate Program

WorkCover WA offers the opportunity for university graduates to kick start their career within the Western Australian Public Sector. Our Graduate Program aims to advance graduates’ careers in an exciting, supportive environment while contributing to the Agency’s operations.

As a WorkCover WA Graduate, you will receive on-the-job learning designed to provide you with an understanding of the Agency’s business, participate in the Public Sector Graduate Program and develop valuable skills and experience.

The Graduate Program runs for 12 months, with Graduates being employed under the provisions of the Public Service General Agreement at a Level 3 classification.

Applications for the WorkCover WA Graduate Program typically open mid-late in the year, with Graduates commencing employment in January or February. For more information about employee benefits, salary provisions and our commitment to diversity, visit the ‘Why work with us?’ tab.

Applicant guidelines

Recruitment and selection process

WorkCover WA is committed to meeting the Public Sector Employment Standard which seeks to ensure that all recruitment decisions are fair and equitable.

If you believe the standard has been breached, you have the right to request a review of the process. Should you wish to lodge an application to review the process, you will have a minimum of four working days from the date the unsuccessful advice is given. You must discuss your concerns with the chairperson of the panel prior to lodging an application.

For more information on the Public Sector Employment Standard or breach claims, please see the Public Sector Commission website.

Applying for a job at WorkCover WA

You are required to apply online via the ‘Apply for Job’ button on the relevant advertisement posted on the Jobs WA website.

You will receive an acknowledgement email confirming your application has been submitted. It is your responsibility to ensure WorkCover WA receives your application by the advertised closing date and time.

Any questions regarding the position should be directed to the contact officer nominated in the advertisement. If you are applying for multiple positions, please submit a separate application and resume for each position.

If you experience technical difficulties when attempting to apply online, please contact the Human Resources Branch at or telephone 9388 5555.

Please note: To be eligible to apply for and be appointed to a permanent position at WorkCover WA, you must either be an Australian citizen or hold Australian permanent residency status. If you have a relevant working visa, you will only be offered a fixed term contract for the duration of your visa.

What to include in your application

A written application which includes content as outlined in the job advertisement.

A resume/curriculum vitae outlining your work experience, skills, education and training. Evidence of qualifications are only necessary where the position indicates a qualification is essential.

Contact details for referees who should be advised prior to nominating them. WorkCover WA may also seek references from non-nominated referees where it is considered useful in determining an applicant’s suitability for the position. WorkCover WA will contact you to confirm if this is the case.

Tips for preparing your application

  • Ensure your resume contains sufficient information to enable the selection panel to accurately make an assessment of your experience, skills and qualifications in relation to the position. This is integral in determining applicants who are competitive for interview.
  • Consider whether any attachments add value to your application, demonstrating your ability to meet the requirements of the position.
  • Keep a copy of your application. It will be a useful reference should you be shortlisted for an interview, or for future job applications.
Selection process

WorkCover WA uses a range of assessment methods as part of its selection processes. These may include but are not limited to:

  • Psychometric testing
  • Interview(s)
  • Skills assessments
  • Referee checks
  • Practical tests
  • National Police Clearance
  • Other assessment methods as required.

If you are expected to undertake a work exercise or provide a practical demonstration, you will be notified prior to the interview.

Selection decisions will be made on the basis of merit, in accordance with the legislative requirements and WorkCover WA’s policies of equal employment opportunity. For more information please visit the Public Sector Commission.

Recruitment outcomes are subject to a 4 day review period during which applicants can seek further information regarding the selection process applied. All applicants will be contacted with details following completion of the process.


All applicants, regardless of whether they were granted an interview, are encouraged to seek feedback for future reference.

You will receive written notification of the result of the selection process. Should you wish to seek feedback, the letter will also provide the name and telephone number of the person to contact. Feedback is generally obtained from the Chairperson of the selection panel but may also be provided by another panel member.