This section outlines the organisational and leadership structures with our Agency.

Organisational chart

Corporate Executive
WorkCover WA is led by a Corporate Executive team, responsible for developing, monitoring and reporting the Agency’s overall corporate direction, budgeting, planning and monitoring of operational performance outcomes.

The Corporate Executive consists of the Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Finance Officer, the General Managers of each division, and the Registrar.


Conciliation and Arbitration Services (CAS)

The Conciliation and Arbitration Services Division is responsible for resolving disputes in the WA scheme. The Division includes the:

  • Workers’ Compensation Conciliation Service where the objective is assisting parties to resolve their disputes by agreement
  • Workers’ Compensation Arbitration Service where disputes unresolved by conciliation are determined according to their substantial merits, with as little formality and technicality as possible.

The Division also processes settlements and common law related extensions and elections.

Regulatory Services Division

The Regulatory Services Division contributes to the integrity of the WA scheme by:

  • education and assisting stakeholders and service providers
  • ensuring only accredited service providers operate in the WA scheme
  • establishing and monitoring performance standards for the service providers
  • conducting compliance activities where breaches of statutory obligations are suspected and detected.

Corporate Services

The Corporate Services Division contributes to scheme viability and effectiveness by:

  • providing business services to ensure human, financial, technological, informational and physical resources are available to support organisations
  • collecting, analysing and reporting data provided by insurers and self-insurers
  • facilitating the publication of recommended premium rates.