While insurance brokers do not have a legislated role in the WA workers’ compensation and injury management scheme, as an intermediary, you play an important role in helping employers to understand and meet their statutory obligations.

  • Insurance Brokers’ Code of Practice (PDF 905kb)
    The Code was developed collaboratively by WorkCover WA and the National Insurance Brokers Association (NIBA) to provide clear guidelines for insurance brokers operating within the workers’ compensation system and assist you to meet your professional obligations.

Want a hard copy?

To order hard copies of the Code contact WorkCover WA’s Advice and Assistance on 1300 794 744.

Current workers’ compensation insurance policy

As the insurance broker, you should make sure your clients’ workers’ compensation insurance policies are up-to-date. An employer risks being prosecuted under the Act for not having a current policy.

Insurers are obliged to report new (or renewed) insurance policies to WorkCover WA for monitoring purposes. Delays in getting this information to us could trigger an investigation by our Compliance Branch.

Claim forms must be submitted to the insurer within five days

You should encourage employers to submit claims directly to the insurer. If you do receive a claim form, you need to forward it to the insurer immediately on the employer’s behalf.

Further information about the legal obligations of employers can be found in the Employers section.

WorkCover WA raises awareness among insurance brokers about workers’ compensation and injury management issues through a range of initiatives. For example, in collaboration with the National Insurance Brokers’ Association, we host an education program for brokers about key issues that could affect you or your clients.

To learn more about upcoming events for insurance brokers, check the Events Calendar.


For more information about the roles and responsibilities of all parties in the workers’ compensation and injury management scheme, contact WorkCover WA’s Advice and Assistance on 1300 794 744.

For more information on how working directors are covered under the Act, refer to the ‘Working Directors’ page.

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