A settlement finalises your workers’ compensation claim.

Before you enter into a settlement it is recommended that you obtain independent legal advice. You can also contact Advice and Assistance on 1300 794 744 for general information about settlements.

If you enter into a settlement, you will not be entitled to any further compensation under the Workers Compensation and Injury Management Act 1981 (the Act) for your claim, which includes medical expenses and incapacity (weekly) payments.

A settlement may include lump sum compensation for incapacity (weekly) payments, medical expenses, and/or permanent impairment. A settlement may also prevent you from pursuing common law damages.

If you have pursued common law action against your employer, you may be able to enter a common law settlement. You can read more about common law claims and the restrictions that apply to the awarding of damages on the Common law claims page.

A settlement may affect other entitlements

Acceptance of a settlement may affect your entitlement to Centrelink benefits, so it is important to contact Centrelink before making a final decision on accepting a settlement.

It is also advisable for you to contact the Australian Taxation Office, Medicare and your private health insurance fund to find out if there are other possible implications of accepting a settlement.