Understanding all of your workers’ compensation and injury management rights, obligations and entitlements will help you navigate your way to a suitable resolution following an injury or illness in the workplace.

Making a claim

Find out how to make a workers’ compensation claim and what happens when you make a claim.

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Receiving compensation

Find out what compensation you are entitled to for loss of wages and claim-related expenses once your claim has been accepted.

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Returning to work

Find out about the injury management and return to work process.

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Noise induced hearing loss

Find out about baseline hearing tests for prescribed workplaces and compensable noise induced hearing loss.

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Industrial diseases

Find out about specific industrial diseases that are covered by the workers’ compensation scheme, including asbestos-related disease.

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For information specific to silicosis claims in the stone benchtop industry, go to Silicosis claims.

Permanent impairment

Find out how and when a permanent impairment is assessed.

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Find out how your workers’ compensation claim can be finalised with a settlement and how this may affect your other entitlements.

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Residing outside of Western Australia

Find out about your reporting obligations if you are residing outside of Western Australia.

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