An approved workplace rehabilitation provider (WRP) can assist the employer and injured worker if there are problems with the return to work process. WRPs are commonly health professional such as occupational therapists, physiotherapists or psychologists who have expertise in addressing the physical, psychological and/or workplace barriers that may prevent an injured worker returning to work.

WRPs are approved by WorkCover WA and have the appropriate qualifications, experience and expertise to provide relevant services based on the assessed need of the worker and the workplace.

List of approved workplace rehabilitation providers

See the Register of approved workplace rehabilitation providers.

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To become a WorkCover WA approved workplace rehabilitation provider, download the following application:

WorkCover WA is a signatory to the Nationally Consistent Approval Framework for Workplace Rehabilitation Providers (the National Framework). Any organisation seeking to become a workplace rehabilitation provider will need to demonstrate that they conform to the requirements of the National Framework.

In Western Australia approved workplace rehabilitation providers are also required to operate according to Service Provision and Service Descriptions (standards) for Approved Workplace Rehabilitation Providers (PDF – 648kb).  These standards underpin the service provision principles in the National Framework.

N.B – The Heads of Workers’ Compensation Authorities has endorsed new Principles of Practice for Workplace Rehabilitation Providers which are available on the HWCA website:

WorkCover WA is working on a revised approval framework that integrates the Principles of Practice for approvals and renewals from 1 July 2020 when the current framework expires.

Until then the current HWCA approval framework applies. WorkCover WA will inform stakeholders about the revised approval framework early in 2020. In 2020, WorkCover WA will collaborate with stakeholders to further clarify State-based expectations arising from changes to the National approval framework.

Note: For the purposes of this website the term “Workplace Rehabilitation” means “Vocational Rehabilitation” as stated in the Workers’ Compensation and Injury Management Act 1981.

The WorkCover WA Online platform has replaced Rehab Online for the recording of workplace rehabilitation referrals and their outcomes.

Whenever a worker is referred to workplace rehabilitation the responsible Insurer or Self-Insurer will record the referral in WorkCover WA Online. It is the responsibility of the Workplace Rehabilitation Provider (WRP) to enter the outcome information into WorkCover WA Online.

The following documents will assist WRPs in their use of WorkCover WA Online:

User Guide

Information Sheets

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