WorkCover WA’s vision is “a workers’ compensation and injury management scheme that works for all.”

By striving to turn this vision into practice, WorkCover WA leads a scheme with:

  • the lowest standardised average premium rate across the states and territories
  • over three quarters of scheme costs expended on services and payments for claimants, on par with the national average
  • nearly 90 per cent of claim disputes resolved within 6 months, well above the national average of 73.3 per cent
  • a return to work rate of 93 per cent, on par with the national return to work rate

The Agency’s focus on continuous scheme improvement has also seen a number of legislative amendments culminating in the:

  • 2011 establishment of the Workers’ Compensation Conciliation and Arbitration Services
  • 2018 amendments to improve compensation arrangements for dependents of workers who die at work (see here)
  • 2018 WA Government approval to draft a bill to repeal and replace the Workers’ Compensation and Injury Management Act 1981 with a less complex statute.

WorkCover WA’s new Strategic Plan 2018-22 will assist in continuing improvements to the scheme.

The Plan will guide the Agency over the next four years in leading a responsive and sustainable workers’ compensation scheme, modernising the delivery of its services and building on the capability of its people, culture and systems.