Strategic planning is essential for WorkCover WA to continuously work towards its vision “a workers’ compensation and injury management scheme that works for all”. 

By striving to turn this vision into practice, WorkCover WA leads a scheme with:

  • the third lowest standardised average premium rate across the states and territories
  • almost three quarters of scheme costs expended on services and payments for claimants, similar to the national average
  • over 85 per cent of claim disputes resolved within 6 months, well above the national average of 78 per cent
  • a return to work rate of 81 per cent, on par with the national return to work rate.

WorkCover WA’s current Strategic Plan 2022-2025 sets the scene for guiding our Agency over the next three years in leading a responsive and sustainable workers’ compensation scheme, modernising the delivery of its services, and building on the capability of its people, culture, and systems.

WorkCover WA’s commitment to achieving these goals provides opportunities to further strengthen WorkCover WA and make Western Australia’s workers’ compensation and injury management scheme the best in Australia.