There are a number of obligations you must meet regarding workers’ compensation and injury management. These obligations are designed to reduce the financial impact of a work-related injury or illness on your business, as well as the operational impact of managing an injured worker’s rehabilitation and return to work.

Covering your workers
Find out about your obligation to cover anyone you employ for workers’ compensation, including contractors and sub-contractors, family members and working directors.

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Reporting accidents & industrial diseases
Learn more about your obligations regarding reportable accidents and industrial diseases.

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Injury management systems
Find out about your requirement to establish an injury management system.

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Managing claims & return to work
Find out about your obligations for managing workers’ compensation claims and an injured worker’s return to work.

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Noise induced hearing loss
Find out about your compulsory requirement to arrange baseline hearing tests in prescribed workplaces.

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Find out how a workers’ compensation claim can be finalised with a settlement.

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Labour hire employers
Find out about your obligations as a labour hire employer to cover your workers, support their return to work when injured, and make accurate wage declarations for premium assessment purposes.

Guidelines for Labour Hire Employers – PDF (1MB)

Labour Hire Employer Fact Sheet – PDF (347KB)

Employer Compliance Policy
The Employer Compliance Policy outlines our approach to enforcement actions when an employer has no workers’ compensation policy in place, or has an expired or lapsed policy.

Employer Compliance Policy – PDF (540KB)