WorkCover WA’s online educational videos provide information about workers compensation claims, injury management and return to work processes.

The videos are an excellent resource for injured workers, employers and service providers.

Making a claim
Outlines the steps an injured worker needs to take to make a workers compensation claim. Coming Soon.

Return to work
Explains the return to work process and what help is available for injured workers. Coming Soon.

Return to work: employer guide
Outlines how an employer can assist and support their injured worker back to work. Coming Soon.

Case conferences
Explains how and why a case conference can be organised and utilised to help an injured worker return to work. Coming Soon.

Workers compensation insurance: a guide for employers
Details an employer’s workers compensation obligations and outlines when to obtain a policy, as well as who to cover. Coming Soon.

Injured workers: what are my entitlements
Explains the services and financial entitlements available to workers who are injured at work. Coming Soon.

Dispute resolution: what happens if there's a dispute
Outlines the dispute resolution process, including the role of WorkCover WA’s Conciliation and Arbitration Services. Coming Soon.

Certificates of Capacity: guidance for doctors
Explains the significance of the Certificates, provides tips for completing them effectively, and offers assistance for general practitioners involved in an injured worker’s return to work. Coming Soon.

Workers compensation insurance: a guide for insurance brokers
Explains how insurance brokers can help employers understand and meet their workers compensation obligations in Western Australia. Coming Soon.

Options to finalise my claim: a video for injured workers
This video details an injured workers option to take a settlement, the process and factors to consider. Coming Soon.

Workers compensation insurance for contractors and subcontractors: a video for employers
This video details the contracting chain when contractors and subcontractors are engaged by an employer. Coming Soon.

Noise Induced Hearing Loss
This video outlines information for workers if their hearing has been affected due to a noisy workplace. It also explains the testing requirements of employers and processes for claiming compensation. Coming Soon.