The following workers’ compensation and injury management forms are available to workers.

  • Workers’ Compensation Claim Form (PDF – 101kb) (Fillable PDF – 149kb)
    The claim form includes information on the claims process and your rights, responsibilities and entitlements when making a claim for workers’ compensation.
  • Handy Hints Brochure (PDF – 350kb)
    This comprehensive guide to the Workers’ Compensation Claim Form will help you complete each section of the form.


If you are having trouble filling in your claim form, first speak to your employer. If you still have questions, call Advice and Assistance on 1300 794 744.

Claims process

Strict timeframes apply to employers and insurers when a worker has lodged a claim form. For more information, see the Making a claim section.

Claim form for dependants of deceased workers


  • Workplace Rehabilitation Referral Form (Word – 200kb)
    This form can be used by workers, employers or treating medical practitioners to request a referral to a workplace rehabilitation provider.

Noise induced hearing loss

  • Form 21: Notice of Dispute (noise induced hearing loss) (form available on the Employer forms page)
    This form can be used by workers or employers when disputing the results of an audiometric (hearing) test.
Particular forms are required throughout the dispute resolution process.


Forms required for the Workers’ Compensation Conciliation Service are available from the Conciliation rules and forms page.


Forms required for the Workers’ Compensation Arbitration Service are available from the Arbitration rules and forms page.

General forms

Regulated forms, and guides for completing them, are available on the Regulated forms page.