Parties to a disputed workers’ compensation claim are entitled to have a legal practitioner or registered agent represent them when resolving a dispute via conciliation or arbitration.

Registered agents are approved and regulated by WorkCover WA and are required to adhere to a code of conduct and gazetted scale of costs. See the current list of registered agents.

Only lawyers or registered agents are authorised to attend the Conciliation and Arbitration Services.

For more information on the dispute resolution process, see the Resolving a dispute section.

Click here to view our regulatory policy for service providers.

Applying for or renewing registration
If you are seeking registration or renewal you should view the following documents:

For the regulations and codes of conduct that apply to registered agents, see the Workers’ Compensation and Injury Management Regulations 1982.
Costs Determination
The Costs Determination is intended to promote the early settlement of issues and disputes by agreement and to discourage unnecessary delays, excessive attendances and excessive preparation of documentation. Download the current Costs Determination:

Workers’ Compensation (Legal Practitioners and Registered Agents) Costs Determination 2018

This document provides a costs scale which sets maximum allowable hours and hourly rates which can be charged by legal practitioners and registered agents before a WorkCover WA dispute resolution authority.

Independent Registered Agents - Information for clients

Templates have been devised to assist Independent Registered Agents to provide information to clients and record activities as required by the legislation. Independent Registered Agents are expected to provide the fact sheet ‘Independent Registered Agent: Information for Clients’ and the ‘Client Acknowledgement of Costs’ to each client.