The vast majority of workers’ compensation claims progress to the satisfaction of all parties involved, including the injured worker, the employer and their insurer. Occasionally parties need assistance to resolve disputes to a claim, so WorkCover WA provides both conciliation and arbitration services.

The Workers’ Compensation Conciliation Service (WCCS) and Workers’ Compensation Arbitration Service (WCAS) aim to provide an independent and transparent system for the fair, timely and cost-effective resolution of workers’ compensation disputes in Western Australia.

Workers' Compensation Conciliation Service
Find out more about the Workers’ Compensation Conciliation Service, the role of conciliation officers and resolving a dispute through conciliation.

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Workers' Compensation Arbitration Service
Find out more about the Workers’ Compensation Arbitration Service, the role of arbitrators and how to appeal arbitration determinations.

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Many common questions are answered on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.

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