Various forms are required by health providers when performing their role within the workers’ compensation and injury management scheme in Western Australia.

Click on the applicable heading to access the forms and links to supporting publications.

General practitioners perform an integral function in progressing the medical forms for workers’ compensation claims.

General practitioners and medical practitioners are encouraged to use WorkCover WA’s gpsupport website to access a number of supporting resources.

Certificates of Capacity

On 1 July 2014, new Certificates of Capacity replaced the workers’ compensation medical certificates.

First Certificate of Capacity
Progress Certificate of Capacity
Final Certificate of Capacity

Allied health providers are encouraged to access the Clinical Framework for the Delivery of Health Services on the Clinical Framework page.

Register of approved medical specialists

The list of approved medical specialists can be accessed via the Register of approved medical specialists.

Impairment assessment forms

There are 10 administrative forms used in the impairment assessment process.

Form AMS 1 is to be used by workers, employers or employers’ insurers – the remaining forms are to be completed only by an approved medical specialist.

To access the forms, see the Impairment assessment forms page.


Publications and resources on the role of approved medical specialists and the evaluation of permanent impairment are available on the Approved medical specialists page.

Forms for applying for or renewing approval by WorkCover WA to operate within the Western Australian workers’ compensation and injury management scheme are available on the Workplace rehabilitation providers page.

Workplace rehabilitation providers can also access information on the National Framework that providers are required to conform with in Western Australia.

Directory of service providers

For a current list of providers, see the list of Workplace rehabilitation providers.

Noise Induced Hearing Loss Audiometric Officer Testing Manual – PDF (351 KB)

Information and resources for registering with WorkCover WA for approval to undertake audiometric assessments for the purposes of workers’ compensation in Western Australia are available on the Audiometric officers’ page.

Forms for certification of audiometer calibration and audiometric booth assessments can be downloaded from the Employer forms page under the Noise induced hearing loss heading.

Directory of service providers

For a current list of noise-induced hearing loss providers, see the Directory of service providers.

Fact sheet: Case conferences

Fact sheet – Case Conferences (PDF – 658kb)

This fact sheet outlines how a case conference can assist all parties involved in a claim to help an injured worker return to work.