The WorkCover WA Annual Report 2015/16 was tabled in Parliament on 21 September 2016 by the Minister for Commerce, the Hon Michael Mischin MLC.

  • WorkCover WA Annual Report 2015/16 (PDF – 3.5MB)
    This annual report outlines the role, structure and governance of WorkCover WA, as well as the Agency’s operational and financial performance over the past year.

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The report has been produced in line with the Public Sector Commission’s Western Australian Public Sector Annual Reporting Framework and the Department of Treasury and Finance’s Model Annual Report Statutory Authorities.

The report meets these guidelines to keep costs as low as possible for production, graphics, photographs, artwork and printing.


We offer the annual report in the following accessible format:

The WorkCover WA Annual Report 2015/16 was printed on 16 September 2016. The following minor amendment has since been made to the electronic copy:

  • Page 56: The percentages in Figure 22 ‘gpsupport site visits’ have been transposed.
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