Case conferences

In May 2017, WorkCover WA launched four short animated educational videos focused on educating scheme participants about injury management and return to work processes, including a video specific to case conferences.

Case conferences are an important step in supporting a worker to stay at or return to work.

The video can be viewed here, and explains how to organise and utilise case conferences to discuss a worker’s recovery and their capacity to work, as well as develop a ‘Return to Work Program’.

A successful case conference will:

  • be well planned
  • define the issues to be discussed
  • outline roles and responsibilities of everyone involved
  • encourage active participation and collaboration
  • discuss strategies to assist the worker returning to work, and
  • set timeframes to monitor and review the worker’s recovery and return to work.

This video is supported by WorkCover WA’s Case Conferences Fact Sheet which includes a case conference template to help plan and run a case conference, and prepare a Return to Work Program.

If you are interested in watching the other videos in the suite, including ‘Making a claim’, ‘Return to work’ and
‘Return to work: employer guide’ please click here.

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