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COVID-19 CAS Services Update

Arbitration Arbitration services are continuing to operate. New applications for arbitration and/or documents in relation to existing matters can be lodged in hard copy whilst postal and courier services remain operational or by fax. The Registrar Arbitration has issued ‘Practice Note 4 – Lodging by Fax – Variation to Rule…Read More »

Security Software Update

WorkCover WA will undertake system maintenance during the Easter long weekend of Friday 10 to Monday 13 April 2020.  System notifications may be delayed during this period.  

COVID-19 Workers’ Compensation Claim Impacts

The impacts associated with government measures to address the spread of COVID-19 will affect how existing workers’ compensation claims are managed. The possible impacts on workers’ compensation arrangements may include: Impacts on existing claimants who are receiving compensation but may be restricted from returning to work Injury management and return…Read More »

COVID-19 CAS Services Update

Conciliation Conciliation services are continuing uninterrupted via use of WorkCover WA online and telephone conferences. In most cases, an extension of 8 weeks will be approved by the Director Conciliation to assist parties to continue the conciliation process. Arbitration Arbitration services are continuing to operate. There is no facility to…Read More »

COVID-19 Workers Compensation Information for Employers

Financial Capacity of Employers to Insure and Pay Compensation to Workers The economic impacts associated with government measures to address the spread of COVID-19 will materially affect the financial position of many employers. The possible impacts on workers’ compensation arrangements may include: Insurance premium costs where the size of the…Read More »

Telehealth consultations

WorkCover WA recognises the challenges presented by COVID-19 for medical and allied health providers and their interactions with injured workers. To help minimise social contact and the demands currently placed on medical resources, the use of telehealth services are encouraged for consultations where direct patient contact and examination is not…Read More »

Conciliation, Arbitration and COVID-19

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and in the interest of public safety the WorkCover WA Conciliation Service and the WorkCover WA Arbitration Service will no longer be conducting in person conferences and hearings of any kind. All conferences and hearings will be conducted by telephone. Stakeholders are reminded to…Read More »

COVID-19 Coverage of Injury & Disease

Contracting COVID-19 at work COVID-19 is compensable if, and only if, it has been contracted in the course of employment and the employment is a significant contributing factor to the contraction of the disease. As exposure to COVID-19 can occur in public settings, questions may arise as to the exact…Read More »

Insurer and Self-Insurer Principles and Standards of Practice – Consultation period

WorkCover WA has conducted a review of the range of regulatory instruments used to monitor insurer and self-insurer performance in the WA workers’ compensation scheme. The review targeted performance in key areas of claims management, underwriting and administrative practice with the aim of developing clear, consistent, accessible and enforceable regulatory…Read More »

Welcome to WorkCover WA seminar

WorkCover WA holds a seminar every quarter to provide an introduction to the workers’ compensation scheme in Western Australia. The next Welcome to WorkCover WA seminar will be held on Tuesday 25 February 2020 at WorkCover WA. Topics include: How the scheme operates Legislation and premium rates Claims process and…Read More »