Injured at work?

The Western Australian workers’ compensation and injury management scheme is designed to help workers return to work successfully following a work-related injury or illness.

Under the scheme, workers are compensated for lost wages, medical expenses and associated costs while they are unable to work.

This section covers your legislated rights, obligations and entitlements within the scheme, including your returning to work objectives. You will also find information on how to resolve a dispute over your claim, and the resources and support available to you.

Understanding your rights, obligations & entitlements
Find out about your rights, obligations and entitlements within the workers’ compensation and injury management scheme following an injury or illness in the course of your employment.

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Resolving a dispute
If there is a dispute regarding any aspect of your claim, the Workers’ Compensation Conciliation Service is the first step for resolving or settling workers’ compensation related disputes.

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Returning to work
Returning to work is an integral step in your recovery following an injury in the workplace. Find out about your return to work rights and obligations.

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Resources & support
Learn more about the resources that can assist with your workers’ compensation and injury management queries and related concerns.

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Many common questions are answered on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.

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Workplace fatality claims
When a worker has died as a result of a work related injury, a claim for compensation can be made by the worker’s dependant(s).

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Silicosis claims

Research in Australia and overseas has found workers in the engineered stone benchtop industry can be exposed to levels of respirable crystalline silica which are hazardous to their health. Workers can be exposed to silica dust whilst dry cutting, grinding, sanding, and polishing stone bench tops and during the installation process.

The Fact Sheet for Workers outlines the process for making a compensation claim for workers with a provisional or confirmed diagnosis of silicosis, and the responsibility of insurers where a claim has been made.

Lung Foundation Australia: silicosis support services

Lung Foundation Australia provides Silicosis Support Services, which includes a Silicosis Support Nurse, Silicosis Social Worker and Silicosis Peer Support Groups.

These services may be accessed via the Lung Foundation’s referral pathways. An outline of the support services can be found here.

The Living with Silicosis Fact Sheet was developed by the Lung Foundation Australia, and provides a brief overview of silica and silicosis, including symptoms, diagnosis, treatment options, self-management.

For more information on lung health, visit the Lung Foundation website.