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Indexation of Workers’ Compensation Payments for 2019-20

Injured workers have a range of statutory entitlements available to them in the Western Australian workers’ compensation scheme to assist them to recover from their workplace injury and return them to suitable and sustainable employment.

The Indexation of Workers’ Compensation Payments 2019/20 Schedule provides the list of indexed entitlements to apply from 1 July 2019, and is now available for download from the Rates, Fees & Payments page on the WorkCover WA website.

The Schedule includes the indexation of the Prescribed Amount which is the maximum amount an injured worker can receive in terms of weekly payments for loss of earnings during the life of their claim. The Prescribed Amount is indexed annually based on changes in the Wage Price Index.

The Prescribed Amount for this coming financial year has increased by just over 1.6% from $228,307.00 to $232,050.00.

If you have any queries regarding the Indexation of Workers’ Compensation Payments Schedule, please contact Advisory Services on 1300 794 744.

Page last updated: 31 May 2019 at 12:12 pm