Insurer and Self-Insurer Principles and Standards of Practice

WorkCover WA CEO, Chris White released the Insurer and Self-insurer Principles and Standards of Practice on 1 July 2020. Together the Principles and Standards provide a cohesive set of service expectations to support insurers and self-insurers to provide high quality workers’ compensation services and experiences and safeguard the viability of the workers’ compensation scheme.

Developed in collaboration with a reference group of industry stakeholders and following widespread community consultation, CEO Chris White, “commended the effort of those who generously shared their knowledge, understanding and experience to guide the development of the Principles and Standards”.

He said, “The Principles are guiding statements applicable to all aspects of the workers’ compensation experience, while the Standards of Practice articulate six priority areas, identified by WorkCover WA, which have the greatest potential to positively impact workers and employers”.

WorkCover WA’s aspiration is for insurers and self-insurers to introduce, improve and implement controls to ensure the Principles and Standards are achieved to maximise the workers’ compensation experience for workers and employers.

Given the strong link between expectations and outcomes, WorkCover WA will closely regulate and monitor insurers and self-insurers’ performance and compliance.

To access the Principles and Standards click here. For more information, watch our Conversation Series: Principles and Standards or contact the Regulation team on (08) 9388 5555.

Page last updated: 1 July 2020 at 10:03 am