Information to staff working from home

Home Based Work Guide
To assist with working from home, the Home Based Work Guide is available on the Intranet, or from your manager or supervisor if you are using your own equipment.

The Guide contains information for staff working from home, including obtaining approval, use of WorkCover WA equipment and supervisors’ responsibilities.

Before you start working from home:

  • return all hard copy files to the Records team
  • check all documents back into TRIM
  • ensure your workstations are clean and free of clutter prior to leaving
  • discuss diverting your phone with your manager

When you are working from home:

  • follow the Home Based Work Guide and complete the OSH checklist
  • keep a record of any IT or other equipment you take home
  • maintain your timesheet (or keep a daily record of hours worked) and a log of work completed.
  • consult with your manager or supervisor before returning to the office.
Remote access support
You may be using a desktop or laptop provided by WorkCover WA, or your own equipment. If you are using equipment provided by WorkCover WA you will have VPN access so that you can use WorkCover WA’s systems in the same way that you would in the office. If you are using your own equipment you will have access to emails via Office 365 – sign in via When signing onto email on a new device you will be asked to authenticate using Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

If you require IT assistance for use of IT resources provided by WorkCover WA, contact the IT Service Desk or your Manager. Please note: due to the significant number of IT requests, there may be a delay in responding to your query. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.

For assistance with home internet, phone or computer, please speak to your home provider directly.

Responsibility for resources and data security
You are responsible for use of WorkCover WA’s IT resources which includes hardware and systems. This includes ensuring your personal equipment (if used) is secure and has up to date virus protection when logging on to WorkCover WA’s systems.

Ensure that:

  • your work area allows you to work without others having access to any sensitive or confidential information
  • all devices are protected by a strong password
  • your screen is password-locked if you leave the work area.

For explanation of your obligations and responsibilities, please refer to the IT Policy Manual. This manual defines use, management and security of information technology at WorkCover WA. The IT Policy Manual is available on the Intranet and includes the following policies:

  • Acceptable use of technology
  • IT management
  • Information security

All WorkCover WA employees are responsible for being aware of and complying with IT policies. Employees are required to exhibit appropriate standards of conduct and integrity in line with the WorkCover WA’s Code of Conduct and the Public Sector Commission’s (PSC) Code of Ethics in their usage of WorkCover WA information technologies and information.

Managers and supervisors are responsible for ensuring that all employees are aware of, and adhere to, responsibilities defined within IT policies.

Each time you log in to WorkCover WA’s system you agree to adhere to IT Policies.

Scam Alerts
If you receive a suspicious looking email, do not open it. In particular, there has been an increase in phishing emails and scams associated with COVID-19. More information is available here.
Staying in touch
Maintain regular contact with your manager or supervisor and keep in touch with your team as a group; use Microsoft Teams where possible.