There are recommended premium rates for all industry classes. The premium rating classification applicable to an employer will depend on the employer’s predominant business activity. The resources below include WorkCover WA’s premium rating codes for all industry classes and explain the industry classification system.

WorkCover WA support tools
Guidelines of the WorkCover WA Premium Rating Classification System (PDF 608KB)The Guidelines on the WorkCover WA Premium Rating Classification System explain the industry based classification system and coding rules used in Western Australia for the purpose of calculating workers’ compensation insurance premiums.

WorkCover WA Industry Codes for Recommended Premium Rates (.xls)
A full list of WorkCover WA’s premium rating classification codes.

Australian Bureau of Statistics support tools
The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) provide the following resources:

ABS ANZSIC 06 Classification Book (PDF)
The official ANZSIC 2006 publication produced by the ABS.

ABS ANZSIC 06 Desktop Search Engine
An ABS maintained web based search function for ANZSIC 2006 codes.