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Workers’ Voice – Workers’ Compensation Through Lived Experiences

Workers’ Voice is a research study that aims to re-imagine workers’ compensation in Australia. The project aims to gather people’s experiences of workers’ compensation claims to design and model a system that reflects this lived experience. The project hopes to provide a vision for future improvements to compensation scheme design and processes.

Workers’ Voice is inviting workers who have made a workers compensation claim, as well as their family and friends, to take part in this study. The survey is confidential and takes 10 minutes to complete.

The “Workers’ Voice” study is led by Monash University in Melbourne and involves dedicated researchers from the University of Melbourne and the University of Waterloo in Canada

The study is funded by the Australian Research Council. More information can be found here on the study website:

 What happens to the information?

  • All the information provided will remain confidential (unless Workers’ Voice have the person’s permission to include on the website)
  • Taking part is entirely voluntary and there will be no cost to the person
  • The survey does not collect any information that will make it possible to identify the person or their employer
  • All the data collected will be password protected and stored in a secure data centre
  • The information collected through the surveys, stories and workshops will be used to design a new workers’ compensation system, using a computer modelling approach. This computer model will be developed along with people who have made compensation claims and their family or friends, to make sure it reflects the workers ’voice.

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