Workers’ Compensation and Injury Management Amendment Regulations (No.2) 2012

A small number of minor amendments to the Workers’ Compensation and Injury Management Regulations 1982 take effect on 15 December 2012.

Form 6: Declarations in Respect of Worker Not Residing in Western Australia

Injured workers not resident in WA are required to formally prove their identity and the continuance of incapacity by providing details about their identity and medical condition to their employer/insurer at 3 monthly intervals.  The requirements are set out in Form 6.
Form 6 has been amended to incorporate information requirements in line with the ‘progress medical certificate’ to better facilitate the effective management of claims.
From 15 December 2012 the revised Form 6 will apply.

Form 2D: Workers’ Compensation Claim Form for Dependents of Deceased Workers

Form 2D is the workers’ compensation claim form for dependants of deceased workers.  The consent authority has been changed to clarify that consent does not extend to the release or testing of human tissue samples or materials of any kind or for any purpose.
The amended Form 2D  will apply from 15 December 2012.

Monthly Statement by Approved Insurance Offices – Form 16: New/Renewed Policies/Cover Notes and Form 17: Lapsed Policies

Forms 16 and 17 apply to insurers only.  Insurers use Forms 16 and 17 to inform WorkCover WA of insurance policy events (cover note, new, renewal or lapse) on a monthly basis.  Minor amendments have been made to data fields in the forms submitted by insurers for new, renewed and lapsed policies.  Changes include the insertion of the applicable WorkCover Number and replacing “Occupation” with “Industry”.
The amended forms Form 16 and Form 17 will apply from 15 December 2012.

Variation of Amount C

The Amendment Regulations provide for minor changes to the annual adjustment of the cap on weekly workers’ compensation benefits to accommodate changes in the reporting periods for Average Weekly Earnings published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (now published biannually rather than quarterly).

Amendment Regulation 44B: Exercise Physiology

The Amendment Regulations will reflect the recent name change for the accreditation body for Exercise Physiologists to “Exercise and Sports Science Australia”.

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