WorkCover WA’s Compliance Framework

WorkCover WA’s Compliance Framework has been published on the WorkCover WA website.

The Compliance Framework helps protect the integrity of the workers’ compensation scheme in Western Australia by assisting key stakeholders, including employers and service providers, to comply with their legislative and associated workers’ compensation and injury management responsibilities.

The Compliance Framework details WorkCover WA’s risk based approach to compliance activities; the strategies used to detect instances of non compliance; and the three strategies used to encourage compliance, namely education, engagement and enforcement.

To assist stakeholders in preparing for planned compliance activities, WorkCover WA has published the Compliance Plan 2014/15. The plan outlines the areas of regulatory focus and activities to be undertaken by the Regulatory Services Division for the 2014/15 financial year. The plan outlines what stakeholders can expect and when, so they can plan for these activities and potential contact with WorkCover WA staff.

A poster promoting the three strategies employed by WorkCover WA to encourage compliance is also available. The poster includes compliance checklists specifically created for employers and service providers to increase awareness of their responsibilities and requirements.

Further information and copies of the Compliance Framework, Compliance Plan 2014/15 and the poster are available on the WorkCover WA website.


Page last updated: 23 September 2014 at 10:34 am