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Injury Matters – 2020 WA Falls Report

Highlighting the incidence of falls in WA and the need for additional falls prevention initiatives, Injury Matters has released the 2020 WA Falls Report. The report’s findings indicate that on average a Western Australian dies every 26 hours, is hospitalised every 19 minutes, presents to an emergency department every 12 minutes and requires an ambulance call out every 18 minutes due to a falls-related injury.

In addition to identifying at risk population groups, the report recognises a number of high-risk settings including the home, regional locations, workplaces and residential aged care facilities.

Download the 2020 WA Falls Report here for more information regarding the incidence of falls in WA.

To support health and community workers reduce the incidence of falls in WA and engage in the Stay On Your Feet® Remove Hazards campaign, Injury Matters has released a campaign toolkit. Download the campaign Toolkit here and get involved in the Remove Hazards campaign.

Page last updated: 15 September 2020 at 4:29 pm