There are 10 administrative forms used in the impairment assessment process.

Form AMS 1 is to be used by workers, employers or employers’ insurers – the remaining forms are to be completed only by an approved medical specialist.

These forms incorporate the legislative requirements. If you have any questions regarding the use of the forms or the impairment assessment systems, please contact WorkCover WA’s Advice and Assistance on 1300 794 744.

Requirement for worker to attend
Production of documents and information
Evaluation of the degree of permanent impairment
  • Form AMS 6A: PIRs Rating (Word – 47kb)
    Form AMS 5 and 6 may have the PIRs Rating Form attached when a psychological injury is being assessed.
Worker's condition not stabilised
  • Form AMS 7: Report on Workers Condition Not Stabilised (Word – 50kb)
    The approved medical specialist uses this form when the worker has been assessed, but their injury has not stabilised to the extent required by the Act and the WorkCover WA Guides for the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment (see the AMS publication resources section to view the PDF). The approved medical specialist is to forward this report to both the worker and the employer alongside Form AMS 8.