Only audiometric officers (hearing testers) and audiologists who have been approved by WorkCover WA can conduct baseline hearing tests and full audiological assessments.

The testing environment and equipment must also meet stringent standards.

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Audiologists must be registered with WorkCover WA to undertake audiometric assessments for the purposes of workers’ compensation within Western Australia.

Registration is open to both audiologists with tertiary qualifications as well as experienced and established audiologists.

To register with WorkCover WA, download the Audiologist Registration Fact Sheet (PDF – 43kb) or email the Noise Induced Hearing Loss team for more information.

To become an approved audiometric officer with WorkCover WA, you must:

The five-day Audiometric Officers Course is designed for individuals interested in becoming approved audiometric officers (hearing testers) with the capacity to test the hearing of workers according to the requirements of the WorkCover WA noise-induced hearing loss legislation. This training is provided by an external provider.

To register for the training:

WorkCover WA will approve audiometric officers who have completed the required training and advise them of their login details to access the Approved Audiometric Online (AAO) application for the purposes of meeting their reporting requirements.
Email the Noise-Induced Hearing Loss team for more information.