Only WorkCover WA approved audiometric officers, audiometrists and audiologists (hearing testers) can conduct audiometric hearing tests.

The testing environment and equipment must also meet stringent standards

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Registering with WorkCover WA

Currently approved audiometric officers, Audiometrist and audiologists are required to register for WorkCover WA Online in order to register WorkCover WA hearing tests. The registration process is simple, register on the WorkCover WA website via the ‘Quick Access’ portal.

Hearing testers will be required to complete the online assessment at the time of registration for WorkCover WA Online to ensure their knowledge of NIHL requirements is current.  A learning module to assist with the assessment is available by clicking here.

Becoming an approved audiometric officer (hearing tester)

To become an approved hearing tester with WorkCover WA the following requirements must be met:


  • Must hold Certificate IV in Audiometric Assessment.
  • Register and apply for WorkCover WA Online.
  • Complete and register one air conduction test in a two year period to maintain approval.
  • Conduct and register air conduction tests only for workers compensation purposes

Audiometric Officers

Must successfully complete the five-day Audiometric Officers Course (provided by an approved course provider). The course is designed for individuals interested in becoming an approved audiometric officer (hearing tester) with the capacity to test the hearing of workers according to the requirements of the WorkCover WA noise-induced hearing loss legislation.  Register and apply for WorkCover WA Online.  Conduct and register one air conduction test in a two year period to maintain registration approval.


Must be a recent graduate of the Masters of the Clinical Audiology course or an experienced and established audiologist as noted in the following three tiers of registration:

Tier 1 – Restricted Provisional Registration

Requirements:     Full members of Audiology Australia. Enrolment in the initial supervision stage (Level 1) of the   Audiology Australia (Graduate) Clinical internship program.

Tests Permitted::Air conduction tests for workers’ compensation purposes under the supervision arrangements of the Audiology Australia (G)

Tier 2 – Provisional Registration

Requirements:     Full member of Audiology Australia. Completion of Level 1 of the Audiology Australia (Graduate) Clinical Internship program.

Tests Permitted:  Air conduction tests and diagnostic assessments of workers who have met the criteria specified in items 1, 2 or 3 of Waugh and Macrae’s criteria for assessing hearing conservation audiograms. WorkCover WA expects that testing will be supervised in accordance with Audiology Australia (G)CI guidelines.

Tier 3 – Clinical Registration

Requirements:     Full accredited member of Audiology Australia.

Tests Permitted:  Air conduction, diagnostic and full clinical assessments for workers’ compensation purposes, including the initial identification of a worker’s percentage of hearing loss due to noise exposure in the workplace.

Five-day Audiometric Officers Course
The five-day Audiometric Officers Course is designed for individuals interested in becoming approved audiometric officers (hearing testers) with the capacity to test the hearing of workers according to the requirements of the WorkCover WA noise-induced hearing loss legislation. This training is provided by an external provider.
Approval by WorkCover WA

WorkCover WA approves Audiometrist, audiometric officers and audiologists who successfully meet the requirements for registration approval.

Hearing Test Requirements

Approved testers shall carry out an audiometric test using an audiometer which meets the standards specified by the WorkCover WA Chief Executive officer and an approved hearing booth or other approved hearing testing environment.

A WorkCover WA Form 18 must be completed (by the employer) and given to the worker.  The worker is required to give the competed Form 18 to the tester on the day of the testing.

An approved tester must ensure a worker has not been exposed to noise levels greater than 80dB(A) over 16 hours prior to the test. The worker and tester must confirm this on the WorkCover WA Form 18. The tester must not conduct the test if this requirement has not been met.

Test results must be submitted to WorkCover WA via WorkCover WA Online within one month of the test being conducted, unless waiting on return of notification of employment confirmation following a pre-employment test.

A WorkCover WA Form 411 is to be used by the tester to convey a copy of the test result to the worker within one month of the test being conducted.

Pre-employment tests

Pre-employment tests cannot be submitted to WorkCover WA until confirmation has been received that the worker is employed. Please note:

  • Test results must be maintained for 12 weeks.
  • Where a worker has commenced employment or is due to commence employment within 12 weeks of the date of the hearing test, and confirmation is received that the worker has been employed within the 12 week period from the date of the test, the result is to be submitted to WorkCover WA.
  • Where a worker commences or is due to commence work more than 12 weeks after the hearing test, the test becomes invalid. The tester must advise the employer that the legislation does not permit WorkCover WA to accept the pre-employment assessment and the worker will need to be retested.

Test results are not to be communicated to any other person without written consent of the worker.

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