An approved medical specialist (AMS) plays an important role in the Western Australian workers’ compensation scheme. An AMS assesses an injured worker’s degree of permanent whole of person impairment (PWPI) caused by workplace injuries. These assessments determine access to certain workers’ compensation entitlements by injured workers.

WorkCover WA may designate a person as an AMS if the person is a registered medical practitioner who WorkCover WA considers to be sufficiently trained in the use of WorkCover WA Guidelines and satisfies WorkCover WA’s eligibility criteria.

WorkCover WA's register of approved medical specialists
See WorkCover WA’s register of approved medical specialists.
How to become an approved medical specialist
See below to find out how to become designated as an approved medical specialist (AMS) operating within the Western Australian workers’ compensation and injury management scheme or to see if there are any upcoming dates scheduled for training in the use of the WorkCover WA Guidelines.

Go to How to become an approved medical specialist.

Check for any upcoming WA Guidelines training dates on WorkCover WA’s Events page.

Publication resources

Evaluation of permanent impairment

Impairment assessment forms
Access the forms required for conducting permanent impairment assessments.

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