WorkCover WA is not an insurer, but rather a regulatory body that generally receives summary details of workers’ compensation claims from the insurers and self-insurers approved to operate under the Workers’ Compensation and Injury Management Act 1981. As such, WorkCover WA does not generally have records such as copies of medical certificates, medical reports from doctors, surveillance reports and/or detailed claim payment information.

WorkCover WA provides the following pathways to obtain access to information.

For further assistance with how to lodge a request for access to information please contact WorkCover WA on 08 9388 5555 or via email to

The Western Australian Freedom of Information Act 1992 (FOI Act) creates a general right of access to documents held by the Agency.

It is the aim of WorkCover WA to make information available promptly, for the least possible cost, and wherever possible documents will be provided outside the Freedom of Information process.

The WorkCover WA FOI Information Statement will inform you of the FOI process undertaken by WorkCover WA.

The information statement includes information on the receipt of applications, fees and charges, rights of review and types of documents that WorkCover WA may hold.

WorkCover WA Freedom of Information Statement (PDF)

For your request to be valid under section 12 of the FOI Act, an application has to:

  • Be in writing
  • Give enough information to enable the requested documents to be identified
  • Give an address in Australia to which notices under the Act can be sent
  • Give any other information or details required under the regulations.
  • Be lodged with WorkCover WA with any application fee payable under the regulation

Proof of Identity

Before documents may be released, we need to be satisfied of the identity of the applicant, a copy of photographic identification that provides enough evidence of identity is required. Acceptable documents include:

  • Current Driver’s Licence with photograph and current address
  • Current Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • Copy of Prisoner’s Identity Card, certified by corrective services officer
  • Health Care Card

Third Party Information

If you are seeking access to a document(s) on behalf of another person, the Agency will require a current signed consent authority in writing from the other person.

How long will the Freedom of Information application take to process?

The Freedom of Information Act 1992 (WA) requires that a Notice of Decision must be provided to the applicant within 45 calendar days of the date of receiving an FOI application.

WorkCover WA will always endeavour to provide a decision as soon as possible.

WorkCover WA accepts requests made under the FOI Act via email or postal address.

WorkCover WA’s preferred method of request is via email to

Lodgement of Applications

When you are ready to lodge your application (and supporting documentation and payment if required) it can be submitted via:

Postal Address Email
FOI Coordinator
2 Bedbrook Place
Shenton Park WA 6008

 Fees and Charges

  1. Personal Documents – No cost
  2. For non-personal applications a prescribed fee of $30.00 is required for your application to be accepted and processed. To proceed with your request, please pay the application fee using one of the payment methods below.
    • Electronic Funds Transfer
      Account Name: WorkCover WA General Account
      BSB: 306-050
      Account: 5578407
      Reference: FOI – Worker Surname
    • Credit Card Payments
      Credit card payments can be processed over the phone. Please call our Finance Branch on (08) 9388 5555.
Insurer Liability Requests

WorkCover WA receives requests from stakeholders to provide details of the insurer on risk for a particular employer at a specified period of time.

All requests for the insurance status of an employer must include:

  1. A written request to WorkCover WA setting out the details the applicant requires.
  2. The application must provide sufficient details for WorkCover WA to adequately search its records.
  3. The applicant should list every entity WorkCover WA is requested to search its records for. The following information should be included when possible:
    • Employers full name;
    • ABN/ACN;
    • Former company name/s and trading name/s;
    • Start and end dates of worker employment; and
    • Industry and location of relevant employer.

The period for us to provide you with a response is at the latest 21 days, however WorkCover WA will always endeavour to provide a response prior to this date.

This timeframe is in accordance with WorkCover WA’s procedure on release of an employer’s insurer status to determine liability. For further detailed information regarding this process please click here.

A Subpoena or Summons can be issued to a person or organisation to produce documents to the court to assist in a case. You will need to follow the process designated by the court.

Court requests can be emailed directly to

Please address all court requests to:

Chief Executive Officer
WorkCover WA
2 Bedbrook Place
Shenton Park WA 6008