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The Western Australian Freedom of Information Act 1992 (FOI Act) gives you the right to apply for access to documents held by the Agency.

We will help you to obtain access to documents and ensure that personal information we hold is accurate, up to date and not misleading.

Your right to apply is not affected by any reasons you have for obtaining access. The kinds of documents to which you may request access include paper files, computer records, maps, plans, photographs, tape recordings, films, video tables and electronically stored information.

The Freedom of Information Act 1992 is available for download here.

To assist you in finding the information you need, WorkCover WA has prepared an information statement. The statement describes:

  • The structure and functions of the Agency.
  • The ways in which the functions of the Agency affect members of the public.
  • Any arrangements that exist to enable members of the public to participate in the formulation of the Agency’s policy and the performance of the Agency’s functions.
  • The types of documents that WorkCover WA creates.
  • The Agency’s arrangements for giving members of the public access to documents.
An application has to:

  • Be in writing
  • Give enough information to enable the requested documents to be identified
  • Give an address in Australia to which notices under the Act can be sent
  • Give any other information or details required under the regulations.
  • Be lodged with WorkCover WA with any application fee payable under the regulations

Personal vs Non-Personal applications

There are two types of applications that can be made using Freedom of Information process:

  1. Personal applications; and
  2. Non-personal applications.

Determining if your application is Personal or Non-Personal

Personal applications: Documents relating to you (e.g. workers compensation records)

An applicant seeking access to personal information about him/herself must also provide documentary proof to establish identify before the information will be released (e.g. passport or drivers licence).

There are no FOI application fees for accessing your own personal information or amendment of personal information about yourself but proof of identity must be supplied.

Non personal applications: Documents that are not about yourself (e.g. details relating to employers, insurers and/or case related information, etc).

An applicant seeking access to non-personal information is required to pay the FOI application fee (see Step 3: Fees and Charges)

Note: If your application is on behalf of a third party (for example a worker), you must provide evidence of authority to act on their behalf.

What will a Notice of Decision contain?

We will provide the following information:

  • The applicant’s right to a review of the decision and the process involved in seeking that review
  • Full details of the decision to either give or deny access
  • The date of the decision
  • Name of the decision-maker
  • Any reasons for exemptions including the applicable clause in the Act that relates to those exemptions
  • If giving access to an edited copy, state the reasons why the material is to be edited
  • If deferring access, state the reasons why the matter is being deferred
  • State the arrangements for giving access.

How long will the Freedom of Information application take to process?

The Freedom of Information Act 1992 requires that a Notice of Decision must be provided to the applicant within 45 calendar days of the date of receiving an FOI application. It does not mean it will take 45 days for you to receive a response.

WorkCover WA accepts requests made under the FOI Act via email or postal address.

WorkCover WA’s preferred method of request is via email to FOI@workcover.wa.gov.au.

All requests should provide enough information to clearly identify the documents you seek access to and include valid identification/consent requirements.

Should you require assistance with submitting your FOI application please contact us directly on: 08 9388 5555.

Fees and Charges

Fees and charges fall into the following categories:


  • Personal applications: no application fee required.
  • Non-Personal applications: require an application fee to be paid when the application is lodged.


Processing fees include decision-making, consultation (with third parties), preparing a notice of decision and if necessary photocopying. A fee per hour may be charged for staff time taken to deal with each application.

Actual costs to WorkCover WA for special arrangements for access such as reproductions may also be charged.

Note: You will be notified if there are any additional charges to be included.

There is a 25% reduction of charges for financially disadvantaged applications, or those in receipt of Health Benefits. The 25% reduction does NOT apply to the application fee.

How to pay:

Payment for FOI applications is accepted in the following ways:

  • Electronic Funds Transfer
    Account Name: WorkCover WA General Account
    BSB: 306-050
    Account: 5578407
    Reference: FOI – Worker Surname
  • Credit Card Payments
    Credit card payments can be processed over the phone. Please call our Finance Branch on (08) 9388 5555.
    Please refer to our Information Statement – Page 14 for details regarding our Freedom of Information fees.No fees are applicable for:
    • Internal or external reviews
    • Personal information or amendment of personal information about yourself
When you are ready to submit your application (and supporting documentation and payment if required) it can be submitted via:

Street Address Email
FOI Coordinator
2 Bedbrook Place
Shenton Park WA 6008

Information and advice on the FOI process is also available by contacting us directly on (08) 9388 5555.