The following statistical reports analyse aspects of the Western Australian workers’ compensation and injury management scheme to offer insight into the health and viability of the scheme.

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  • Quarterly Statistics for WA Workers Compensation Experience – September 2016 (PDF -420 kb)
    This actuarial report measures trends and changes in relation to key elements of the WA workers’ compensation scheme including claim numbers, claim finalisation rates, payments per claim incurred and average case estimates.The report is prepared by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, which provides actuarial services to WorkCover WA.
  • Scheme Status Report – September 2016 (PDF – 942kb)
    This report measures trends and changes in relation to key elements of the WA workers’ compensation scheme including claim numbers, claim payments, estimated costs, claim management and dispute and common law applications, with a comparison of approved insurer and self-insurers.

  • Insurer Claim Report – June 2016 (PDF – 1.8MB)
    This report monitors claim activity and measures claim management performance of approved insurers operating within the WA workers’ compensation scheme and the Insurance Commission of Western Australia.

  • Self-insurer Claim Activity Report
    To review self-insurer claim activity and claim management, refer to Section 2 of the Quarterly Scheme Status Report listed above.

  • Scheme Exits Report – September 2016 (PDF – 992kb)
    This report provides a summary of elements relating to claimants exiting the scheme. It presents trends and characteristics of finalised claims over the last ten years.
  • Medical, Allied Health and Vocational Rehabilitation Service Status Report – Dec 2015 (PDF – 1.3MB)
    This report details all payments associated with medical, allied health and vocational rehabilitation services provided within the WA workers’ compensation scheme. The report includes indicators of numbers of services, payments associated with services, average payments per service, average services per claim and average payments per claim. This report is produced every six months.

  • Workers’ Compensation Statistical Report: 2011/12 to 2014/15 (PDF – 1.3MB)
    This report presents descriptive statistical information about key elements of the WA workers’ compensation scheme over a four year period including premium rates, claims (numbers, payments, costs), claim management and lost-time claims (gender, occupation, industry). This report is produced on an annual basis. It is also available in an accessible Word version.

Previous years

  • Industry Benchmark Report (PDF – 290kb)
  • Industry Benchmark Report (Excel)
    This report is based on claims statistics from the WA workers’ compensation scheme from 2012/13 to 2014/15. It provides a three-year average of industry benchmarks that can be used for evaluation of injury management and prevention efforts of organisations.