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04 Jul 2014 - On 1 July 2014, WorkCover WA’s new certificates of capacity replaced the First, Progress and Final medical certificates. Medical practitioners and practice managers can obtain the new certificates through their software provider or download them directly from the WorkCover WA gpsupport website. Read more...
26 Jun 2014 - The Hon Michael Mischin MLC, Attorney General; Minister for Commerce, has tabled in Parliament WorkCover WA’s Review of the Workers’ Compensation and Injury Management Act 1981: Final Report. Read more...
20 Jun 2014 - The previous decisions database now includes District Court appeal decisions of determinations from the Workers’ Compensation Arbitration Service. Read more...

Return to work programs

A return to work program is an integral part of any injury management system.

A Template Return to Work Program (Word - 30kb) is available to assist employers in developing an appropriate program.

When is a return to work program required?

An employer is required to develop a formal (written) return to work program for a worker when the medical practitioner:

  • advises the employer in writing that a return to work program should be established for the worker
  • signs a certificate of capacity indicating that the worker has partial capacity to return to work
  • signs a certificate of capacity indicating that the worker has total capacity to return to work, but for some reason is not able to return to the position held immediately prior to injury.

What must be included in a return to work program?

The Workers’ Compensation Code of Practice (Injury Management) 2005 (the Code) outlines the requirements of establishment, content and implementation of return to work programs. The return to work program must include:

  • the employer’s name and the name of the injured worker
  • a description of the goal of the program
  • the actions to be taken to enable the worker to return to work and who is to take them
  • a statement as to whether the worker agrees to the content of the program.

WorkCover WA’s Injury Management: A Guide for Employers (PDF - 1.3MB) publication provides information to assist employers with developing return to work programs, including information on communicating with the worker, the content of the program, the return to work goal and identifying suitable duties.


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