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04 Jul 2014 - On 1 July 2014, WorkCover WA’s new certificates of capacity replaced the First, Progress and Final medical certificates. Medical practitioners and practice managers can obtain the new certificates through their software provider or download them directly from the WorkCover WA gpsupport website. Read more...
26 Jun 2014 - The Hon Michael Mischin MLC, Attorney General; Minister for Commerce, has tabled in Parliament WorkCover WA’s Review of the Workers’ Compensation and Injury Management Act 1981: Final Report. Read more...
20 Jun 2014 - The previous decisions database now includes District Court appeal decisions of determinations from the Workers’ Compensation Arbitration Service. Read more...

Rates, Fees and Payments

Rates, fees and payments are published through regulations. Amendments to the regulations are published in the Western Australian Government Gazette, copies of which are available from the State Law Publisher, 10 William Street, Perth 6000 (Ph: 08 6552 6000).

Although every effort has been made to ensure the information is accurate, WorkCover WA and its servants disclaim liability for any act or omission in reliance on the document, or for any consequences of any such act or omission.

Prescribed Amount

Download the Variations to the Prescribed Amount 2014-15 (PDF - 218kb). For previous years, see the Previous Years’ Fees page.

Recommended Premium Rates

Recommended Premium Rates 2014-2015

The Recommended Premium Rates 2014-15 (PDF) were published in the Western Australian Government Gazette 8 April 2014, and are effective from 4pm on 30 June 2014. For previous years, see the Previous Years’ Fees page.

Medical Fees

These fees are current from 1 November 2013. For previous years, see the Previous Years’ Fees page.

Allied Health Provider Fees

These fees are current from 1 November 2013. For previous years, see the Previous Years’ Fees page.

Hospital Services Charges for Compensable Patients

The Public Hospital Fees for Compensable Patients 2014-2015 (PDF - 88kb) are current at 19 June 2014. For previous years, see the Previous Years’ Fees page.

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